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Posted by Tammy (tammy) on Feb 23 2010
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Mike & Tammy Dooley at Texas AmphitheatreThe Expo Center and Amphitheatre are owned by Somervell County and privately managed. Mike started the management company in 1993. Tammy calls herself "The fill-in Vice President" and says, "Where ever there is a need, that is where I am, whether it is marketing, food and beverage, operations or special promotions"

The Amphitheatre opened in 1989 and is a beautifully-designed facility that seats 3250 people. It's home to the musical drama, The Promise, which tells the story of Christ and runs annually on Friday and Saturday evenings from September through October. It's the largest permanent outdoor stage in Texas and even has a moat in front where Jesus walks on water, as well as a rain screen. The Promise has an award-winning musical score, live animals and cast and crew of approximately 150. Readers can learn more by calling 1-800-687-2261 or visiting the website at 

The Expo Center is fully-enclosed and climate controlled, which is a real bonus for exhibitors and visitors on blazing hot or freezing cold Texas days. It features a Large Arena (130'x256') that can accommodate 2214 people in fixed seating, or 5470 people seated concert style. There's also a 11,350 square-foot concourse, 7,000 square foot Exhibit Hall that can be separated into three acoustically-separated rooms, a 100' x 200'Showbarn Arena with 640 bleacher seats, a Covered Livestock area and Corridor, Auxiliary Barn and a 80' x 120' lighted Warm-Up Arena.  The facility has a total covered stall capacity of 340 - 10" x 10" stalls and an additional 60 on the way.

Mike emphasizes, "We can handle multiple events at the same time. We might have a miniature horse show in the showbarn arena, a large cattle or roping event in the main arena, with a wedding reception in the exhibit hall"

In terms of visitors, Mike says, "We had about 100 thousand people through the Expo Center and about 25 to 30 thousand at the Amphitheatre last year."  Tammy adds, "We have hosted over 4,000 events since we opened."  

Facts from the website:

  • Last year visitors totaled over 25,000 for the Texas Amphitheatre and over 100,000 for the Expo Center.
  • The Expo Center has facilities large enough to be impressive or small enough to feel exclusive.
  • Located within 20 minutes of more than 1,000 rooms, there are plenty of choices in hotels, motels and bed and breakfasts.
  • The Expo Center is a multi-purpose event center capable of handling most any size event from ropings, cuttings and horse shows, to concerts, dances and stage shows.
  • There are three indoor arenas, the Main Arena, Showbarn, and Pavilion (multi-purpose area in which portable stalls, cattle pens or an arena can be constructed) and two outdoor arenas.
  • Capability to go to 400+ stalls for maximum equestrian activities.
  • The Exhibit Hall is ideal for banquets, wedding receptions and meetings.
  • The Main Arena, Concourse and Exhibit Hall are heated and air conditioned.
  • The Showbarn Arena is insulated and is heated and cooled by portable area coolers.

Tammy explains, "We can also provide portable panels, additional tables & chairs, modular staging, in-house catering and concessions, security and more. All activities at the Expo Center are covered under one roof and surrounded by 1200 paved parking spaces and 30 RV hookups for our Expo customers and those are booked solid."

Events open to the public for March shape up as follows:

March 5,6,7 PRCA RODEO - Main Arena

March 13, North Texas Longhorn Breeders Association Show - Showbarn

March 17 thru 22, Texas Reining Horse Association Show - Main Arena

March 22, Regional Bridal Show - Exhibit Hall

March 26, Master Gardener's - Exhibit Hall

March 26 thru 29, Southwest Miniature Horse Show - Showbarn

March 28 thru 28, Texas Red Angus Association Show - Main Arena

One excellent feature in the Expo Center is a dedicated TV feed into the relaxation/dining area which also feeds to the Best Western Hotel, enabling people to see what's going on without actually being in the arena area.  The Dooley's are also working on is the possibility of having a dedicated cable channel for the facilities.

So stay tuned; Dooly Management is hot on the trail of ways to provide even more Texas hospitality in the Glen Rose facilities. Readers can contact them by calling 254-897-4509 or by visiting the website's a

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