Advertising & Sponsorship Partnership Programs

Venue & Client Relationships forming DMC's MAPS (Marketing, Advertising, Promotions, Sponsorships)

Advertising Partner Programs allow businesses the opportunity to show support and gain valuable recognition from association with their specific event venue. DMC works with your company/organization to Market, Advertise, and Promote & Sponsor (MAPS) with your venue.

Offering a wide variety of events ranging from equine, livestock and trade shows to meetings and equine, livestock and trade shows to meetings and conventions. Patrons often are exhibitors or spectators who spend several hours over many days at the venue thereby making your product name a constant part of their Venue experience.   The Midland County Horseshoe Arena hosted 200 plus Events annually with over 150,000 attendees. Over 30,000 cars pass the lighted outside marquee every day! The Ad/Partner Program officers a unique advertising opportunity to reach these events & customers.

Opportunities in advertising through signage, product placement, vendors, etc...Are available with all our venue Advertising/Marquee Partnership Programs.

Reach Spectators, promoters, vendors, exhibitors in your community through our partnership packages. Showcase your company on outside marquee signage with specific rotating messages to thousands of cars passing daily.  The possibilities are limitless. MAPS will lead your customers to you! Become a partner today.

Contact Tammy Dooley, Vice-President Marketing and Promotions 254-897-7143 or 254-897-9533.


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